To Have and to Hold by Lauren Layne

418njPNHDZL._SX304_BO1,204,203,200_As soon as the enchanting Wedding Belles prequel was read, I was eager to see what happened to another wedding planner at the exclusive New York City shop. In the first full length story of the series, I was treated to lots of amusing conversations plus some very lifelike emotional troubles, where numerous characters drew me into their fascinating lives. From professional colleagues to good friends to lovers, I wanted to discover much about these individuals as their lives became intertwined. Some moments are exceedingly happy while others are totally heartbreaking, where each instance is portrayed with realism. The Wedding Belles series is off to a compelling start, as Lauren Layne has created delightful characters with whom to connect. TO HAVE AND TO HOLD keeps the entertainment flowing with laughs and sighs.

After Seth Tyler became the CEO of Tyler Hotel Group when his father suddenly died, he has made certain that all dealings run smoothly. But when his sister, Maya, unexpectedly announces she is getting married and is over-the-top excited, he has suspicions about the future groom yet tries to appear thrilled for her. When his sibling manages to get Wedding Belles to coordinate all aspects of her upcoming marriage, she knows it will be a very special event. The newest wedding planner, Brooke Baldwin, will be working to make sure every step is completely enjoyable.

When Brooke left Los Angeles and moved to New York City, she wanted to leave any feelings related to the man whom she almost married back on the west coast, as he was a skillful liar. Just hired at Wedding Belles, she is ready to prove her abilities by making her first client’s ideas come true. Though the bride and groom seem agreeable, the older brother of Maya is more than a little tense, but Brooke guesses the wealthy tycoon wants to know where his money will be going. But the real reason Seth keeps showing up during every occasion where decisions are made is to uncover the true motives of the groom. If he could just get the tempting Brooke on his side, it would make determining the truth easier while letting them get closer.

Lauren Layne is known for writing humorous scenes, and her talent can be seen all throughout TO HAVE AND TO HOLD. Whether it is a chat between Seth and his best friend Grant, or a discussion where Brooke and the controlling brother of the bride have some sharp words, the dialogue is often cleverly funny. The two men are especially hilarious, as some of their talks are just as I would imagine occurring when males are together. There are also some incidents where emotional turmoil takes place, as Seth and Brooke do have some serious conflicts from time to time. Occasionally, the issues deal with how they react to a problem connected to his sister, while other battles are concerned with more personal matters. I definitely felt for each one of them when a predicament seemed hopeless, as I could sense how deeply they were affected. Sexual tension is high, causing encounters to be particularly heated.

There is also some drama associated with the wedding of Maya, and I found this secondary plot to be interesting as I did not know how everything would end. The other employees at Wedding Belles are very intriguing, and I am glad the next book comes out soon. A wonderful start to a captivating series.

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Series:  The Wedding Belles – Book 1

Publisher:  Pocket

Releases:  July 26, 2016


Genre:  Contemporary

Author website:

Rating:  4 Stars

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