To Love and to Cherish by Lauren Layne

51kqjkacf0lSometimes an attraction between two individuals that develops very fast can end just as quickly when major differences are learned. On the other hand, a couple can know each other for years and suddenly realize they cannot live without one another. Sadly, the romantic couple in the third book in The Wedding Belles series has a man who wants the woman from their first meeting, yet fears keep her from realizing how good they could be together. This causes them plenty of emotional issues along with mounting sexual tension and some tough decisions to make. TO LOVE AND TO CHERISH is often touching, as Lauren Layne packs the journey to lasting love with heartache and surprises.

Eight years ago when Alexis Morgan came to Manhattan, her goal was to start a business centered on planning weddings. Her dream came true, and now her agency assists couples in having the perfect wedding. While all aspects of her professional life are going extremely well, her social life is almost nonexistent. With Wedding Belles now being so successful, Alexis believes she can finally devote some time to dating.

When it comes to being a clever wedding planner, Alexis is an expert and always chooses the best options for her clients. Although she is close to Logan Harris, the British accountant who is very much a part of her company, his conservative behavior makes him unacceptable as a prospective date. An unexpected event has her traveling out of state alone. But Logan wants to make certain that no other man gets close to the woman whom he wants to make his. He is very good at figuring out problems, and a carefully thought out plan will let Alexis see what she has been missing.

After eight long years, I really wanted to see Logan get the love that he desires. In the previous books of the Wedding Belles series, he has patiently waited for Alexis to notice him, suffering in silence when friendship was all she ever offered him. Since TO LOVE AND TO CHERISH is their story, I knew things would not be easy for him and it definitely was not. The past has made her very apprehensive about dating someone, as she does not want to feel anguish like she did once before. There were a few times when I hoped Alexis would comprehend what she could have with Logan, but just like in real life, a person does not always grasp the truth of what is obvious to everyone else. I never knew exactly how she would react during a situation, and this kept me invested in what would happen next. Logan is such a decent man when it comes to how he treats Alexis. Most men would have given up long ago, but he relentlessly hopes to change her mind at the right time, and he always does her bidding regardless of how he feels.

Since this is the last story in the Wedding Belles series, it was great getting to catch up with all the past couples. There were lots of girl-talk sessions, where ideas were tossed around and thoughts were revealed. During several discussions, only men were present, and their views were humorously honest and very true-to-life. I am sad to see the series come to an end, but I have truly enjoyed reading about the wedding planners and how they found the love of their lives. TO LOVE AND TO CHERISH entertains with emotionally compelling moments and lively characters.

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Series:  The Wedding Belles – Book 3

Publisher:  Pocket

Releases:  October 18, 2016


Genre:  Contemporary

Author website:

Rating:  4 Stars

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