Touch of Red by Laura Griffin

TOUCH OF RED keeps every thought engaged during the countless riveting scenes. Though the Tracers series is now up to twelve books, the entertainment has not diminished at all, and I actually think this is one the best stories yet. The plot is very gripping with a large number of mysteries to resolve, while various characters have roles that play an important part in what ultimately takes place. I was totally captivated by the opening scene, and my interest never waned until the very last word was read. Laura Griffin has outdone even herself with the cleverly imagined developments in TOUCH OF RED, where each revelation had me reading faster.

The latest case undertaken by Brooke Porter is particularly horrific, but also very frustrating. As a CSI for the Delphi Center, she usually investigates not easily solved crimes, and she is proud of how her assistance often gets needed results. But the unknowns just keep mounting in this case, which only makes Brooke more persistent about uncovering any pertinent facts related to the murder and possibly another person who might have seen what happened.

Since Brooke is aiding the local police, she and detective Sean Byrne end up spending much time together. With his respect for her skills plus being secretly drawn to her, he is glad for the opportunity to work with tempting CSI. even when she seems to be guarded around him. Sean and Brooke share theories and whatever evidence is learned, yet the killer remains unidentified. But as more clues become concrete proof, the danger does not subside but seems to escalate.

Uncertainty, concern, and determination are words that can be used to describe the case which Brooke and Sean are working on plus their potential relationship. Both are very dedicated when it comes to finding answers in order for victims to have justice, and she is particularly involved this time. I often worried when she took a chance, as nothing was going to stop her from tracking down a fact. The discussions Brooke has with Sean about her behavior really affected me, as their reactions are backed by such genuine feelings. Regardless of what these two were doing when they interacted, the moment was so true-to-life. Their personal conversations were filled with insight and compassion, while sex between them was steamy yet filled with caring tenderness. Sean certainly demonstrated over and over again that he is an honorable man whom any woman would be lucky to have in her life.

What is actually going on when it comes to the murder is not only fascinating but absolutely engrossing. Laura Griffin excels at getting the details correct, and anything connected to the investigation felt very accurate. There were a few times when I needed to stop reading, but I just could not find a place to take even a short break. When an author can keep me this immersed in a story, then her skill as an outstanding writer is definitely proven. I can only hope this series has many more releases.

I voluntarily reviewed the book from the publisher, and all comments are my honest opinion

Series:  Tracers – Book 12

Publisher:  Pocket Books

Releases:  October 31, 2017


Genre:  Suspense

Author website:

Rating:  5 Stars

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