Traitor in Her Arms by Shana Galen

When a book can expertly interweave actual facts into a fictional love story, I am always delighted when the result has me feeling as though I am witnessing history in the making. The horrific reality of the Reign of Terror during the French Revolution is brought to life in such a way that I had to look up this historical period, and I discovered Shana Galen had definitely done much research in making her book come across as accurate. Though filled with frightening episodes at times, there are also moments where emotions take over a scene and cause a connection to be formed with the characters. From start to finish, I was constantly anticipating the next risky escapade. TRAITOR IN HER ARMS is an adventurous story of secret activities and unexpected romance.

Her decision of whom to marry turned out to not be the best choice, as Lady Gabrielle McCullough now owes much more money than was left by her deceased husband. To pay off those who are determined to collect what is due them, she has turned to thievery and has become quite adept. No one has caught Gabrielle until a man who was friends with her husband attempts to steal a particular item at the exact same time. Though he is the Earl of Sedgwick, Ramsey Barnes hides many secrets and she feels he cannot be relied upon.

It also seems another man has learned about her being a thief, because the legendary person called the Scarlet Pimpernel asks Gabrielle to assist in saving innocent French citizens from being killed. To carry out this request, she agrees to go from England to France and carry out a dangerous assignment. Gabrielle is shocked when she learns Ramsey is also going to Paris, as he has his own task to accomplish. As they both try to make sure their goals are achieved, the many tricky situations they have to face are made even more complicated when their hearts become involved.

Uncertainties keep TRAITOR IN HER ARMS suspenseful, while genuine emotions make the novel engaging. Gabrielle and Ramsey have found themselves in a challenging predicament, and both must make several very difficult choices. Though she has her own troubles, saving someone else is important to her. I really admired her determination to help others, even when the cost to her could be great. The quandaries in Ramsey’s life just keep mounting, and I worried over whether what he chooses to do would be the best for everyone. He is living with a terrible secret, and I had no idea what he would finally think is his best course of action. The honest emotions expressed by Ramsey and Gabrielle are certainly touching, and they convey their longing for one another with lots of passionate desire.

The way in which Shana Galen presents her compelling storyline made me believe the scenes could really have happened. During the Reign of Terror in France, many individuals were persecuted without a valid reason, and the author had me experiencing this fact through skilled writing. Numerous secondary characters play crucial roles in the book, and since some of these people did in fact live, the story seems even more realistic. I am eager to learn how the Scarlet Pimpernel will be included in the next installment of The Scarlet Chronicles series.

I voluntarily reviewed the book from the publisher via NetGalley, and all comments are my honest opinion

Series:  The Scarlet Chronicles – Book 1

Publisher:  Random House – Loveswept

Releases:  August 22, 2017


Genre:  Historical

Author website:

Rating:  4.5 Stars

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