Twelve Kisses to Midnight by Karen Hawkins

29565617Connected to the Oxenburg Princes series, this entrancing story taking place at Christmas had me laughing often and definitely smiling at the end. Karen Hawkins skillfully weaves plenty of humor into her compelling novella, while also delving into numerous emotional issues. The romantic couple is charmingly delightful on every page, and I thoroughly enjoyed observing them try to work through several matters that once tore them apart. TWELVE KISSES TO MIDNIGHT induces chuckles while also touching the heart with intensely sincere moments.

When Marcus Sutherland spied Kenna Stuart Graham at a large gathering, he kept telling himself that her presence would not affect him. They were to be married many years ago, yet their engagement was called off shortly before the wedding day. Marcus has no idea why his former fiancée is attending the same party in Scotland, but he plans to ignore her and enjoy his time visiting with friends over the Christmas holiday. Then fate steps in with a different goal.

As the paths of Marcus and Kenna keep crossing over and over, more memories that he has tried to forget keep being recalled. When the woman standing beneath a sprig of mistletoe turns out to be someone other than he believed, this is the first surprise of many more to follow. But how the couple decides to respond during each incident could vastly influence their futures.

A story by Karen Hawkins is always entertaining as amusement is guaranteed. Comments are often hilarious, especially when two intelligent individuals like Marcus and Kenna have a conversation. Their replies often contain sharp-witted retorts, and any reactions to these candid words show they are not as immune to each other as they would like to think. A big problem in their previous relationship was not conveying their thoughts and feelings when it counted, and I nervously waited to see if their differences could eventually be resolved when given a second chance. The passion between them simmers throughout the story, and Ms. Hawkins lets it ignite at exactly the right time.

The appearance of Grand Duchess Natasha Nikolaevna, is an extra special treat as she constantly expresses her views with frankness. She is the grandmother of the Oxenburg princes, and her manners plus most anything said is usually comical in some way. Details about the settings let me experience the aspects of each particular situation, while descriptions of a certain room caused much laughter. If you missed this novella when it was included in an anthology, be sure to read it now and get in the spirit of the Christmas season. TWELVE KISSES TO MIDNIGHT is an enchanting holiday romance.

Received copy from publisher via NetGalley

Series:  Oxenburg Princes

Publisher:  Pocket Star

Releases:  November 28, 2016


Genre:  Historical

Author website:

Rating:  4 Stars

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