Under Her Spell by Brandy Walker

518QHS5eoSLThe Keystone Predators series begins with a paranormal story filled with interesting developments and charming characters. When a particularly intriguing heroine comes in contact with a wolf-shifter who could be her future mate, they end up facing situations where difficult choices must be made and feelings need to be confessed. Brandy Walker has imagined an enthralling storyline for her compelling couple. I enjoyed going along on their journey to finding possible happiness, as there are surprises to be revealed and passions to explore. UNDER HER SPELL has some humor, a little drama and lots of lusty sex.

Since Diego Mendoza belongs to the Keystone Predators Pack in Arizona and is their Beta, he handles many essential duties assigned to him. To help in celebrating the wedding of his Alpha, he has been fetching guests who arrive at nearby airports and bringing them to the compound where the Pack lives near the Grand Canyon. The last person to arrive is a cousin named Daphne Moore. Although Diego usually has no trouble talking to females, being with this woman leaves his wolf confused because of the way she affects it. When they get to the compound, he learns the newcomer has some problems with her family.

Though not her fault, Daphne’s life has been a constant struggle. With a wolf-shifter father and a mother who is a witch, her relatives think she needs to decide which part should control her. But that would mean abandoning one side of her makeup, something not easy for her as both are important. Even after Diego discovers more about Daphne, he still wants to see if she could be the one that will be with him forever, regardless of what abilities she possesses.

While Diego was previously met in another series, his own book is a great start to the Keystone Predators series. It catches you up on some prior happenings, and I definitely want to know more about many of the delightful members of this Pack. Whether a character has been in the Pack for years or is still very young, these shape-shifters are very appealing and have much to say. While some conversations are serious, there are an equal number that are amusing. There are also a wide range of feelings in the story, from blissful satisfaction to anger to hopeful.

Finding a mate was not anticipated by either Diego or Daphne when they first interacted, but their wolf side quickly let them know. I really had fun watching these two go through so many emotions as they learned about each other. His shock at some of her capabilities as a witch made for enjoyable scenes, and I liked how Daphne stood up for herself. Being rejected so often because of her heritage had me feeling badly for her a number of times, and I anxiously waited to see how Diego would respond during certain situations. Being wolf-shifters, the couple is very passionate, and they certainly know how to make an encounter pleasurable. Brandy Walker has created an engaging new series, and UNDER HER SPELL is cleverly entertaining.

Received copy from author

Series:  Keystone Predators – Book 1

Publisher:  TEZ Publishing

Releases:  January 26, 2016

Purchase:  http://tinyurl.com/gw7raad

Genre:  Paranormal

Author website:  http://brandywalker.net/

Rating:  4.5 Stars

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