Urban Wolf by Linda Thomas-Sundstrom and Jillian Stone

URBAN WOLF captures the imagination with innovative creativity and engaging characters. Linda Thomas-Sundstrom and Jillian Stone always manage to write stories that grab your full attention, and their compelling novellas are definitely entertaining. Taking place in Los Angeles and London, two men who appear as regular humans are in actuality hiding their Were side to keep people from knowing the truth. When they find themselves in situations where a woman plays a huge part and could affect the outcome, the lives of each couple becomes entangled because of unanticipated developments. As threats continue to mount, so does their desire for one another. I was totally caught up in the numerous surprising incidents that arise, as these episodes make for constant fascination.


“Wolf in the City” by Linda Thomas-Sundstrom

Since the ill-fated night that forever changed Jared James, his evenings are often spent patrolling the streets of Los Angeles where inconceivable events in fact happen. After becoming a werewolf, he now wants justice against the being which turned him into something most humans do not think exists. One night, another creature is prowling the area, and Jared learns vampires are also very real. Discovering someone else who is no longer an ordinary mortal causes him much excitement, but he wonders if the female vampire named Kit will keep him from seeking the one that created him.

When it comes to werewolves, Linda Thomas-Sundstrom can always masterfully write an original story for these intriguing creatures, and this novella showcases her creative mind. “Wolf in the City” is filled with unique circumstances and two distinctive characters, where emotions run high and danger escalates. Jared and Kit may be from different paranormal species, but their craving for normalcy draws them together, resulting in lots of earnest conversations and growing desire. What a wonderful couple they make because of the author’s inventiveness, and I really hope there are more stories set in the same location. I can never get enough of Linda Thomas-Sundstrom’s tempting werewolf heroes!


“Wolf, Interrupted” by Jillian Stone

After someone is killed during a vicious attack in London’s underground train station, Abelseth Durant is the homicide detective sent to speak with an eyewitness named Elle Hathaway. He immediately recognizes her wolfen nature, as he has the same background. Though once part of a pack, he is now a lone wolf yet cannot keep from being attracted to the enticing female. When Elle is unexpectedly snatched by a wolf pack with a very bad reputation, Abelseth will use whatever measures he must to get her back.

A most colorful world has been constructed for the werewolves that Jillian Stone has envisioned living in London. They are dissimilar from any werewolves I have ever read, as any capabilities are unique along with their individualistic personalities. Elle and Abelseth are a delight every time they are featured, especially when talking about anything wolfen and their mating practices in particular. The setting is also vividly described using the proper London terminology, thus letting me get a genuine feel for the area. The originality in “Wolf, Interrupted” keeps interest high from beginning to end.

I voluntarily reviewed the book and all comments are my honest opinion

Publisher:  GothicScapes

Releases:  June 12, 2017

Purchase:  http://tinyurl.com/kcq7rt6

Genre:  Paranormal

Author website:  http://www.lindathomas-sundstrom.com/


Rating:  5 Stars

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