Wedding Date with the Army Doc by Lynne Marshall

51UcOQgBveL._SX314_BO1,204,203,200_ (1)Lynne Marshall puts plenty of heart into her Harlequin Medical Romances, where personal lives and careers dealing with health matters entwine. In WEDDING DATE WITH THE ARMY DOC, a number of dramatic issues make romantic relationships difficult for two people, yet both have so much to offer someone if they are willing to take a gamble. As the couple makes their way through the highs and lows of being together, their lives are filled with unexpected joy but also painful distress.

Since she is a pathologist in a California hospital, Charlotte Johnson meets all types of doctors. Though several of them are definitely good-looking and unwed, she does not want to be in any relationship at this time. When she made the choice to have elective surgery in the hope of avoiding a disease that could be deadly, Charlotte knew there would be no romantic connections taking place soon. But she does enjoy dreaming about all the what-ifs, especially if they involve surgeon, Dr. Jackson Hilstead.

When Jackson seems to want more than to just be friends with Charlotte, she would really like to explore the possibilities between them. Yet fears about his potential response keep her from pushing for anything more. But there are some things in Jackson’s life that Charlotte does not know, so it becomes a question of who will be the first to open up and what kind of impact it will have on their futures.

After reading WEDDING DATE WITH THE ARMY DOC, a Summer Brides story, I was filled with such good feelings. Though the book has some incidents where problems are at the forefront, there is always a ray of hope in the background, even if it is only very slight. Lynne Marshall has taken several real life predicaments and created a story often filled with positive optimism. The genuineness of many struggles moved me at times, particularly when the dilemmas came across as so true-to-life. Circumstances are definitely conceivable, while any reactions of Jackson and Charlotte are candidly sincere. As events played out, there were a few instances where I smiled so big because their pleasure was very obvious.

The past has not been exactly kind to either Charlotte or Jackson. Tough decisions have been made by both of them, and the results of what they chose have greatly affected their current lives. There is also an unpredicted episode in Jackson’s earlier life that could have a bearing on how he is seen by others. Since being rejected because of what has happened to each of them is always in the back of their minds, I was anxious to discover how Jackson and Charlotte would respond when secrets are finally revealed.

Any medical aspects in the story are very compelling. Whether a condition pertains to the main couple or someone else, all details are credible and let me experience anything related to the situation right along with the characters. The background of Lynne Marshall lets her write medical romances that are profoundly touching plus convincing. WEDDING DATE WITH THE ARMY DOC is upliftingly romantic.

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Series:  Summer Brides

Publisher:  Harlequin Medical Romance

Releases:  July 1, 2016


Genre:  Contemporary

Author website:

Rating:  5 Stars


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