Wedding Takedown by Geri Krotow

51SWm9EVkNL._SX313_BO1,204,203,200_In the previous book of the Silver Valley P.D. miniseries, political dishonesty concerning certain town leaders was debated, while fears about a cult possibly taking up residence nearby kept rising. In this story, the new mayor appears to be involved in several criminal incidents, and one police detective plus a local florist might be the ones who can prove what is actually happening. Geri Krotow interweaves dangerous escapades with a complex romance, where suspense escalates and hearts are on the line. I definitely did not know what was going to take place on more than one occasion, as peril is often unexpected. WEDDING TAKEDOWN has lots of intrigue plus emotional issues.

Though having to arrange flowers for a last-minute wedding will take plenty of work, Kayla Paruso is confident everything will work out satisfactorily. She just hopes the mayor and especially his wife are also happy with her choices for their daughter’s wedding, because good publicity can help her florist business. While attempting to get ideas on how to decorate a building, Kayla stumbles upon a woman being killed. The first Silver Valley police officer on the scene is Det. Rio Ortego, a man whom she dated not too long ago. Although they seemed to hit it off, their relationship ended because of differences.

The dead woman is the assistant to the mayor, and some Silver Valley citizens think the man is mixed up in illegal dealings. Facts are needed to prove what is going on, and Kayla will be in a position to perhaps hear secrets while working on flowers for the wedding. Though finding information about the mayor plus learning if he might be linked to a nearby cult is crucial, Rio worries Kayla could be putting herself in danger. Keeping residents safe is his duty, but closely watching over the florist is a pleasure.

While reading the first book in the series would fill in much background, Ms. Krotow does give enough information to let the reader know what recently occurred in the area. Silver Valley has always been a community where folks work together, but lately outsiders are doing their best to make things difficult, in particular when it relates to those in authority. I liked watching Rio work hard to prove not all accusations are valid, showing just how dedicated he is to his job. Though Kayla is not trained in law enforcement, she has personal reasons for wanting to make certain those responsible for crimes in Silver Valley are stopped. There are plenty of unknowns that kept me guessing the identity of who is behind a murder and other connected events, and hints along the way gradually exposed the truth. WEDDING TAKEDOWN has numerous mysteries to solve, and their revelations are frequently surprising.

Even though the sexual relationship between Rio and Kayla is extremely satisfying, other aspects do not make her happy and led to their breaking up. I really liked how Rio approached her when they come in contact with one another once again. He states his opinion but is not pushy, and I anxiously waited to see how Kayla would respond. Second chance romances are always enjoyable as sometimes the right choice was not made the first time, and giving a couple one more opportunity to let their hearts decide their fate can be entertaining. When Kayla finds herself in danger, I found her decisions to be lifelike as her survival instincts took over, while Rio becomes protective and very caring. Hope more of the Silver Valley townsfolk get to tell their stories.

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Series:  Silver Valley P.D.

Publisher:  Harlequin Romantic Suspense

Releases:  March 1, 2016


Genre:  Suspense

Author website:

Rating:  4 Stars

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