Where the Wild Things Bite by Molly Harper

516QfylailL._SX304_BO1,204,203,200_When a business trip goes terribly wrong in the newest Half-Moon Hollow story, an obsessively phobic human along with a vampire with questionable intentions find themselves in a fight to survive. Any time I hear the words Half-Moon Hollow, lots of original characters are brought to mind. I cannot help but smile when I recall some of the individuals created for the paranormal books by Molly Harper, as they always have distinctive personalities and often unusual traits. For the latest compelling story in the series, the author gives us a couple who seem to have nothing in common except the will to not die permanently. With much of the book concentrating on the main two characters, it easily stands alone. But never fear, many of those beings who live in Half-Moon Hollow do show up and offer plenty of laughs the moment they start talking. Get ready to be highly amused when reading the hilarious WHERE THE WILD THINGS BITE.

A package being delivered to Half-Moon Hollow was too important to trust with just anyone, so Anna Whitfield had to get on the very small plane with its unpleasant pilot. But since the bibliographer wants to quickly get the book she has authenticated back to the bookstore belonging to Jane Jameson, there is no other alternative. When the pilot suddenly tries to take the valuable item from Anna, she knows her fears about flying are about to become even worse. Fortunately for her, there is one other person on the flight, and he keeps her package from being stolen. But things do go downhill when their disabled aircraft crashes.

Now Anna and Finn Palmeroy are somewhere in the Kentucky hills, with not much going in their favor. One big problem causing much anxiety is the fact her savior is a vampire with no available nourishment source except for her. As Anna and Finn wander through the wilderness with no clue of what will happen next, they grudgingly work together in order to hopefully be rescued.

If Molly Harper writes a paranormal story, then countless laugh inducing situations are assured. Poor Anna and all the things she feared had me occasionally feeling her pain because I am not the most adventurous person, yet several of the concerns are such outrageous possibilities that I just had to chuckle. I did like how she managed to overcome several worries when an incident turned threatening, as it showed her intelligence for remembering what had been read. Since the book is from her viewpoint, I came to know Anna very well. Finn is more of a mystery, as he was not as open about sharing his way of thinking, but he does gradually reveal a snippet here and there. Some information is quite surprising.

There are a large number of emotional issues between Anna and Finn. At first, her phobias are the main cause. Then his being a vampire adds to her doubts. And with the way her mind works, she comes up with a huge group of matters that need concrete answers to vanquish what theories have popped into her thoughts. While most of the book is written to cause giggles, a few serious events gave the story some touching episodes. More books are scheduled in the series, and I am overjoyed because I can never get enough of the Half-Moon Hollow characters. Comedy never ceases in WHERE THE WILD THINGS BITE.

Received copy from publisher

Series:  Half-Moon Hollow – Book 8

Publisher:  Pocket

Releases:  July 26, 2016

Purchase:  http://tinyurl.com/gvljf85

Genre:  Paranormal

Author website:  http://mollyharper.com/

Rating: 4 Stars

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