Wicked Sexy Liar by Christina Lauren

51O8h-E7zEL (1)Getting to know the characters in a story by Christina Lauren is just like actually meeting someone and then gradually learning their admirable and even flawed traits. All the couples introduced in the Wild Seasons series seem like long-time acquaintances when their stories end, as their thoughts and dreams are experienced through alternating points of view. Though Luke Sutter and London Hughes hookup in San Diego instead of Las Vegas like the other couples in the series, their relationship seems doomed when a significant fact is eventually revealed. But sometimes the heart wants what it desires despite the consequences. Christina Lauren never fails to enchant with convincing realism during every compelling scene. WICKED SEXY LIAR is intensely passionate, amusing and even stirringly emotional.

While her roommate is deliriously happy and very sexually satisfied by her boyfriend who was met during a Las Vegas vacation, London Hughes has no prospect of finding someone special. Though she has graduated from college and lives in San Diego, she has yet to find work in her chosen career so her days are spent surfing and is a bartender at night. Never dating anyone from the bar has always been a steadfast rule for London, yet one man does grab her notice when her day has not been the best. Needing a little distraction, she goes home with Luke Sutter after work and the two have a memorable evening with no promises.

After his relationship ended with a woman for whom Luke really cared, no date since then had been meaningful. When he asks London to come back to his place, his thoughts afterward keep going over what they shared. They both find the other is someone that they enjoy being around, but having sex plus occasionally hanging out together is all either is seeking. When London hears about his prior connection with someone she knows, she thinks it is time for their short affair to end. But surprisingly Luke is not ready for her to disappear from his life.

When Luke and London were met in previous Wild Seasons books, neither got the chance to let their sparkling personalities shine until the chance to tell their own story. It is easy for me to see that London is dedicated to carrying out whatever task she needs to do for someone else, but feels vulnerable in taking a big jump in her life after college. She can be sassy, yet keeps much about herself hidden from others. Luke appears carefree at first, and his initial actions really did show him to be a manwhore. Yet there is just something about his likable nature that made him adorable to me. It only takes one night with London to make Luke start questioning his behavior, and he then must decide whether he is really happy with the way everything is going.

Regardless of whatever situation arises and how Luke plus London react, their responses are always convincing with total genuineness. Christina Lauren never fails in creating characters whose emotions are so honestly conveyed that they truly come across as real people. Conversations are frequently filled with lively banter, yet there are also discussions where feelings are laid bare. I could always tell exactly what was going on in their minds because of the author’s skilled writing. The sexual attraction between Luke and London is powerful from the start, and it only gets stronger with each new encounter. They can have fun together no matter what they are doing, and I often laughed at their candid comments. One particularly hilarious scene in the story is a family dinner involving his grandmother. Most of the charming characters from earlier books make an appearance, and I certainly enjoyed the new insight into Not-Joe. Cannot wait to see what the exceptional two authors known as Christina Lauren come up with next. WICKED SEXY LIAR is entertainingly unforgettable.

Series:  Wild Seasons

Copy received from publisher:  Gallery

Releases:  February 2, 2016

Purchase:  http://tinyurl.com/ozlb3rt

Genre:  Contemporary

Author website:  http://www.christinalaurenbooks.com/

Rating:  5 Stars

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