Word of Honor by Alexa Aston

51qf6smv0glThe medieval world Lauren Linwood created for her Knights of Honor series is believably entertaining. From diverse characters to emotionally trying circumstances to vivid descriptions, I experienced this period in history where lives are often chaotic and happiness frequently lasts for only a brief time. With unexpected foes battling against those who live by high moral standards, the story captures your full attention and never lets go until every compelling situation plays out. WORD OF HONOR captivates with fascinating developments.

When Geoffrey de Montfort asked Merryn Mantel to be his wife, he knew much about her and was glad their upcoming marriage would be based on love, not duty. But before their vows are said, he must continue his obligation to help England battle against the French. For five years, he is away from the woman who holds his heart, fighting bravely and always being noble. When Geoffrey finally returns, Merryn is now old enough to marry. The couple wed shortly thereafter, and their days ahead only look bright.

Sadly, their ideal life as husband and wife is all too short, as Geoffrey disappears after a peculiar incident. Yet Merryn never lets herself think that he is dead. When he shows back up after nearly seven years have passed, she is elated. But she is puzzled over his unwillingness to explain what happened on that fateful day to cause his absence for so much time. Geoffrey may be her husband in name, but the closeness previously between them is now gone. Merryn just hopes her loving commitment to him is enough to bring back the pleasure of being married.

From the very start of WORD OF HONOR, I was totally caught up in the lives of Geoffrey and Merryn and what they each had to face. Though times were definitely tough in the middle 1300’s in England, these two were actually happy because of the love they shared. The way in which they express their devotion is sensual and demonstrates the strength of their feelings. But when forces work against him, they both suffer immensely for years. The emotional pain they felt is clearly conveyed, and I suffered right along with them when doubts about the future took over their thoughts. I so wanted to comfort Geoffrey for what he went through, and I also was deeply touched by how both he and Merryn were emotionally affected. Lauren Linwood made me care for this couple whose beautiful romance is destroyed by evil intentions. With several unforeseen turns, the uncertainty of what would ultimately happen to them just keeps intensifying. These individuals had always done what was right, yet it looks like they will never again have days filled with cheer if their love is not strong enough. I feared the decisions Geoffrey and Merryn might make at times, as I really wanted their lives to once more be joyful like before his disappearance.

Lauren Linwood interweaves several real historical figures into the story plus uses some medical remedies of the time period to make events come across as genuinely true. I thoroughly enjoyed seeing what folks living in this period would do when someone was hurt or ill. Several secondary characters stood out, and I am very pleased that Geoffrey’s cousin gets to tell his story next. WORD OF HONOR is occasionally heartbreaking, often delightful and always enchanting.

Copy received from author

Series:  Knights of Honor

Publisher:  Dragonblade Publishing, Inc.

Releases:  October 25, 2016

Purchase:  http://tinyurl.com/zhnlsa6

Genre:  Historical

Author website:  https://alexaaston.wordpress.com/ 

Rating:  4.5 Stars

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